A Note from Unnatural Act’s Artistic Director Brian Kulick

CSC traffics in listening attentively to the voices of the past, whether they are Aeschylus,
Shakespeare, or Chekhov. Tonight the voices you will hear are from a more recent past and have the singular distinction of being real rather than fictional. UNNATURAL ACTS is a new play that draws on letters, court transcripts and circumstantial evidence to help re-create this most unfortunate of true stories. What these long-lost voices lay bare is a painful chapter in an otherwise much-revered institution of learning that, in a striking instance of profound intolerance, destroyed the lives of eleven young men. Then to add insult to injury, this extraordinary lapse in ethics was kept secret for over eighty years. Had it not been for the tenacity of one young journalist, who happened upon the sealed files, these voices might very well have remained silenced in perpetuity. The production you are about to see chronicles the destruction of a community of kindred spirits, but it also marks the birth of a remarkable community of young artists that have gathered together over the past few years to bring this important story to the stage.

– Brian Kulick, Artistic Director