A Guide to Repertory Theater

Why Repertory?

When shows play in repertory, two separate shows cycle through one theater. Stemming from the word “repertoire,” repertory theater was performed regionally and internationally in the early 1900s. This cycle performance allowed companies to perform a large portion of their repertoire within a short period of time. Although each play in repertory is a separate show with separate casts, playwrights, and directors, plays performed in repertory allow plays to speak to each other, often through overlapping themes or ideas. 

Ways to See the Shows

Space it out

Book your tickets on two separate days, and enjoy our repertory series in two sittings.

A Day of Theater

Book tickets to two shows in one day, and enjoy one of our neighborhood partners for a meal in between shows.

Book two shows and Save

Book tickets for both repertory shows for $110. Choose the dates you want to see each show, book the two-play package and save on great theatre!

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Should I see the Plays in Order?

Although the two productions will speak to each other thematically, each play is separate, with different playwrights, casts and directors. You may see the show in any order you would like. We encourage you to see the shows together, and enjoy our neighborhood partners in between the shows.

How this works for Members:

Four-Play Members

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• 1 ticket to Dracula
• 1 ticket to Frankenstein

Pay-As-You-Go and Student Members

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• Up to 1 ticket to Dracula
• Up to 1 ticket to Frankenstein

Future Classic Members

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• Up to 2 tickets to Dracula
• Up to 2 tickets to Frankenstein

Please see the member portal for more information about booking member tickets. 

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